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The Great Challah Bake

From Candace.

Expand your circle and be open to learning about other cultures. As a result of doing just that, I have built a lasting friendship with my dear friend and coauthor, Gabby Spatt. We both delight in sharing our traditions, including those shared around the dinner table. Last night, I participated in the Great Challah Bake at the Marcus Jewish Community Center of Atlanta – MJCCA. Out of the over 200 women (estimate because we were in these fun breakout groups, it was probably more) participating in the event, I was one of a handful of women of color and the only Black woman in attendance.

Despite being the only Black woman at the event, I felt so welcomed by the group, we laughed, joked, took selfies and made the most delicious challahs together. I learned so much about the various ways to make a Challah (a traditional Jewish braided bread often served at events like Shabbat), including learning to make a 4-braid Challah which I flavored with vanilla, cinnamon and chocolate chips.

For Gabby and me, baking #Challah is what we love to do! Thanks, JWC Atlanta, for hosting the Great Challah Bake!

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