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Candace and Gabby launch Shabbat and Sunday Dinner book

On February 27, 2022, co-authors Candace Bazemore and Gabrielle “Gabby” Leon Spatt launched the first In Our Tradition series book titled Shabbat and Sunday Dinner. This unique children’s book follows two young boys as they present their family dinner traditions to their 3rd-grade class.

The dinner table is a special place that can bring people, ideas, and cultures together. This ‘In Our Tradition” book is about Shabbat and Sunday Dinner and follows two friends through their class presentations as they learn more about each other’s family traditions. This book will introduce readers to other cultures and communities and, we hope, pique interest in learning about their traditions.

You can order your copy of Shabbat and Sunday Dinner on Amazon using this link ( or click the button below.

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